2013 Gemüseanbau im Südsudan

Der Club SI Hannover 2000 unterstützt in enger Abstimmung mit "Tierärzte ohne Grenzen" e.V. ein internationales Projekt als Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe für Frauen in Afrika. Ihnen eine stabile Existenz zu sichern, ist das Ziel  der Projekte in den Ländern Somalia, Kenia und Äthiopien sowie im Nord- und Südsudan.

"Green Gardens For Women Returnees"                                                        

...Until recently, the project beneficiaries lived on the edge of an urban slum of Khartoum. As girls the women have grown up in Gogrial but had been forced to flee when the bombs and shells of war shattered their hometown and made normal life untenable. With South Sudan’s independence, lots of them found their way back to South Sudan. Yet, having been away from South Sudan for over a decade they had little with them to start their new life. A government allocated plot of land was all they had to start their new life for themselves and their children.

For the women being part of the VSF Germany vegetable gardens supported by the SI Club Hannover 2000 there are a lot of advantages. They can now put vital vitamins in their children’s tummies and sell any surplus in the market in Kuajok. With the money they make they can buy other food, such as sorghum, as well as essentials such as soap.

Even as the sun is about to set, the ladies continue to pass water from the shallow well or pump it around the large gardens using the treadle pump and hose pipes given through VSF Germany and paid by SI Club Hannover 2000. The gardens are organized in groups allowing labour and produce to be shared. Over 500 are now involved in these gardens. Most days, VSF Germany staff also visit them to give them tips on vegetable tendering or other advice. The women are now on their way to a good harvest of tomatoes, aubergines, okra and groundnuts.

Having utilized land given by the local community, the host community has also been included in the project, fostering productive, peaceful relationships between old and new inhabitants.